Demo Hour

Bi-monthly online event that gives visibility to vetted pre-seed and seed stage Latin American startups in fundraising process


In October 2020, Redwood Ventures and Startuplinks decided to collaborate to help pre-seed and seed stage Latin American startups gain visibility with institutional investors

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All you need to know

I would like to pitch or propose a startup

We are happy to receive recommendations from investors. Feel free to send them directly to anyone at Startuplinks or Redwood Ventures team.

If you would like to pitch, please fill up our Fundraising form to apply.

How it works?

Every 2 months, 5 Latin American startups present their round in front of  the Startuplinks institutional investors community.

Startups pitching are filtered and elected by the organizers. We don´t invite direct competitors to pitch in the same event.

Attendants receive startups information (Deck, calendly and highlights) before the event in order make this event a more efficient activity .

How is this different from a "Regular" demo day?

1-. Startups pitching are not graduating from any program
2-. Attendance is open only for startups pitching, organizers and institutional investors
3-. Main event´s objective is helping startups reach new investors out of their radar and generate relevant meetings that might eventually turn into an investment

What kind of startups are invited to pitch?

Latin American startups founded by Latin American founders raising between $500K and $3M USD, traction of US +$5K MRR or +10K downloads, functional product, full-time founders and attractiveness for international investors.

Who is accepted to attend?

Venture Capital Funds, Corporate Venture Capital Funds, accelerators and angel clubs.

Have already participated

Get to know some of the startups that have already presented

Next event

Attend next Demo hour on July 13th 2022 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am CT.

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The Demo Hour Startuplinks Redwood Ventures

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