Kalei Ventures

May 21, 2021

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Kalei Ventures
Kalei Ventures is a Latin American venture capital firm on a mission to find outstanding entrepreneurs building global category leaders within the region. It was born with a clear focus on international expansion and global leadership for its portfolio companies. Kalei partners have lived and invested in startups across four continents and their networks span the whole globe. That experience allows them to help the best latin american early stage entrepreneurs successfully address big opportunities. The first closing was held in January 2019 and the portfolio is currently integrated by companies based in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. The investment thesis revolves around sectors where Latin America can create global leaders, either because of the quality of the education system and importance of regional companies in a particular sector or because of the global importance of the region as a percentage of the global output in a given sector. These sectors include software development applications (e.g. marketplaces, consumer internet, fintech, edtech) and sectors that heavily benefit from new trends like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (e.g. healthtech, agtech, logistics).

Sobre la conversación:

En un nuevo Fireside Chat tuvimos la oportunidad de platicar con Leandro Pisaroni, General Partner de Kalei Ventures. Fondo Argentino invirtiendo en startups pre-seed y seed de LATAM. Escucha este fireside chat para conocer más sobre Kalei y la mejor manera de acercarte con ellos.

Específicamente platicamos con Leandro sobre:

  • Tesis y proceso de inversión
  • Estructura legal para recibir inversión
  • Invertir en startups de Brasil
  • Ecosistema de Argentina
  • Levantar inversión en crowdfunding en USA