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Soft Landing & Legal

We help you incorporate your startup in the US and be investment-ready. We work with you on the legal structure requirements of each round of funding, optimizing not only the Cap Table but also the terms and compensations that protect the founders. We are ready to help you to set up your business from the beginning to the exit.

Tax & accounting

Too much stress? don´t worry, we take care of your accounting and tax obligations in the US and help you be up to date. Focus on your passion, grow your startup.

CFO Solutions

With our fractional CFOs and Controllers, build all the information your startup needs to make decisions, report, and raise capital. 10 years helping startup founders around the world in their relationships with investors. With our Fundraising service, we know your strengths and we know what VCs are looking for.

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Lazo. While you pursue your dreams, we’ve got your backs. We are ready to help you with everything a CFO needs. Our experience makes us your ideal financial partner for your startups from start to exit.

Our team of professionals makes sure you comply with your tax, payroll, accounting and reporting obligations, and requirements. Some of our current customers include: Plerk, Justo, Whyline, Eva, and more.

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